Kia Carnival Interior Modification

Every Detail of the Carnival Modified Interior is meant to be a treat to your senses, replete with extraordinary features that are designed to indulge.

With Striking looks, Dynamism in every angle, and a Classy interior. The new carnival is an SUV that lets you know that you are ready to take over the streets

Facts of Kia Carnival Interior

Experience sheer extravagance. Every detail of the Carnival is meant to be a treat to your senses, replete with extraordinary features Extraordinary. Extravagant. that are designed to indulge.
Electronic Stability Control with Hill Assist Control, Roll Over Mitigation and Cornering Brake Control, Side & Curtain Airbags, Front Parking Sensors, UV Cut front door glass and windshield, 220V Laptop Charger
Smart Power Tailgate, Dual Electric Sunroof with all Interior LED Lights, 2nd and 3rd Row Sunshade Curtains,
Electric Folding Outside Mirror, Chrome inside Door Handles, Front and Rear Door Metal Scuff Plates
Leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear knob, Premium Wood Garnish.
Charge a compatible mobile phone wirelessly on the pad at the front of the center console.
The parking brake of the Carnival is so convenient that it can be engaged and released with the touch of a button

Steps of Kia Carnival Interior Modification

The Kia Carnival is currently considered as one of the most comfortable, spacious, premium, and VFM vans in the Indian market and boasts a high-quality cabin with acres of space and a long features list. Currently being on sale at a starting price of almost INR 30 lakh, the Kia Carnival is a promising alternative to other offerings in the segment. Having said this, the buyers of the Kia Carnival are often seen seeking utmost comfort and luxury and to further make it better, look for dedicated interior modifying services for their cars.

Here is a modified Kia Carnival with 7-Star Luxury Hotel level car interior modifications that make it a moving premium lounge on wheels. But before we begin, do not forget to contact team AUTO TRADE INTERIOR SOLUTIONS if you too are planning high-quality premium interior modification services in India.

To start with, the owner of this modified Kia Carnival came to us with a clear idea and wanted a premium 4-seater cabin with all luxury amenities. Having said this, no major modifications were done to the exteriors of the car or in the first row of the cabin. It is however worth noting that the driver gets a dedicated intercom to interact with the rear passengers while a digital IRVM is also on offer. In addition to this, we also see a new dashcam at the front.

Kia Seat Customization

Customized Kia Seats

The output from this dashcam can easily be observed by the rear occupants on a dedicated TV screen. Except for this, the front row experience remains basic but extremely practical. It is in the rear second half of the cabin where all the magic has happened. For starters, the rear seats were removed to accommodate new powered luxury recliner seats that offer a more comfortable experience to the buyers. The platform was customized and worked upon to make it suitable for the new powered seats.

These powered seats offer better cushioning and support, thus making them suitable for long-distance travel as the occupants will be extremely happy and comfortable in that car. The multi-way adjustment further helps the passengers find a comfortable seating position.

A dedicated custom power circuit was installed to operate these new lounge seats without any interference to the stock compact electrical system. The master switch to control all these electrical appliances is installed at the front near the driver for easy operation.

The seats also get custom seat covers that complement the overall color scheme inside the cabin. Needless to say, these seats are of high quality and will continue to offer a similar experience for the years to come.

These electrically operated seats also get electric footrests that can be controlled using the button controls. The lower part of the seats moves upwards to give you a place to rest your legs, thus offering you an almost flat luxury bed. To control the powered recliner seats, a dedicated control tower was installed in the center with a large touch panel and multiple buttons.

Kia Entertainment Accessories

Kia Entertainment Accessories

This panel not only controls the recliner seats but in addition to this, also controls a number of various other features.

To start with, the powered fridge inside the cabin can easily be controlled at the touch of a button. In addition to this, special arrangements have been made to the car to accommodate a powered bar.

All the quality levels of the parts and the components used are the best in the industry and the final results will not fail to impress you. The car fridge is extremely capable and will be useful on those long journeys in the summer.

Likewise, a dedicated power circuit has been carefully designed and ensures that the stock electrical system is not messed with. To further uplift the experience inside the cabin, the headliner was modified and now features multiple LED light panels and star lights that can change their color with a tap of a button in kia carnival interior.

The side panels to get lots of LED lights and color-changing premium ambient lights. To maintain privacy, all the side windows get electrically operated sun blinds.

The Kia Carnival, with its 2.0-L diesel powertrain, is one of the most refined MPVs and offers commendable in-cabin NVH levels. With our Kia Carnival interior modifications, the NVH levels have further improved and what you get is an extremely silent and private cabin that will help you have those important meetings, long highway trips, and daily commutes with utmost comfort, privacy, and luxury.

What we have also ensured are high levels of practicality and ease of use. Most of the elements are electrically controlled and have simple and sorted controls for easy understanding and convenient operation.

While the rear cabin now gets two extremely comfortable and powered recliners, what we have also installed are two power-operated jump seats to accommodate two extra passengers inside the cabin. These jump seats are wide and have enough cushioning to offer great support and comfort by Autotrade Car Interior Solution.

Privacy Patrician

The main talking point of this 7-star luxury lounge conversion has to be the privacy shield in the center. Not only does it isolate you from the surroundings, but will also maintain your privacy by isolating the front passengers.

The partition in the center also gets a large connected smart TV screen with internet connectivity and a camera to help the occupants stay connected to the digital video and conduct meetings on the go.

Having said this, what you will also get with this privacy shield are stellar levels of craftsmanship. The ambiance of the cabin remains great and the high-quality levels and fit-finish levels will not fail to impress the occupants, thus leaving a lasting impression on them.


Moving on, the entire interior theme and the color combinations were carefully designed and executed by our in-house interior designers and highly skilled workers.

The upholstery color happens to be chocolate brown in this case and gives a sense of luxury inside the cabin. The fabric used for the upholstery is of industry-leading standards and has been carefully crafted to give the best fit-finish levels. Additional cushioning was added to the seat covers to offer improved comfort and better lower back support.

The design too came out well and complements the theme. To further add a touch of luxury, the seat covers get white piping which not only breaks the monotony but in addition to this, also offers a premium feel to the cabin.

The center console in the center gets a large armrest with a large storage console beneath it. The armrest too gets the same upholstery and a soft touch to gel in well with the character of this new modified luxury cabin. A soft and comfortable cushion is also added to the headrests of the recliners.

Moving on, the other panels get an off-white color that gives the cabin a premium and luxurious look. The color combinations are maintained across the cabin including newly added bottle holders, privacy shields, door trims, and more.

The floor gets wooden vinyl paneling that is not only easy to clean and maintain in the long run but also feels premium.

Special electrical circuits were made and installed to power all the additional parts and components of this Kia Carnival interior. In addition to this, multiple power outlets and charging sockets are provided inside the cabin. To facilitate easy communication between the front passengers and the rear occupants, an easy-to-use intercom has been installed in the car that offers high-quality crystal clear two-way communication capabilities across the cabin.

Special modifications were made to make automatic climate control more effective. Dedicated air chambers, in addition to the stock OEM air vents, were added to facilitate air circulation for effective cooling and heating of the cabin. The music system too is better than before and in all, this new modified Carnival does offer some serious experiences to the occupants inside the cabin.

Similar modification services are available for all types of MPVs, minivans, and other luxury offerings that aim to cater to buyers looking for a comfortable, premium, luxurious, and private road travel experience.

Multiple customization options are provided at AUTO TRADE INTERIOR SOLUTIONS while the clients are also offered a huge range of fabric, color patterns, accessories, and more to choose from.

Multiple powered recliners and other exclusive accessories like a power-operated fridge inside the cabin are also on offer for our clients. The time required for such modifications varies from vehicle to vehicle while the cost too depends on what the clients want from their vehicle.

If you are also planning to get your MPV modified into a luxury 7-star lounge, do contact us on the mentioned details and share all your requirements and vehicle details.

Well, there is something else also which is in more demand and unique which perfectly goes or suits our beast “Range Rover Modification” this is something we called supreme.
the color combination of beige and brown is very dominant.
every time you will sit in the car it will make you feel like new as of the color and the utmost thing is the quality of the product which will make you feel very comfortable and execute the tiredness.


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