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THAR Interior

The Mahindra New THAR interior is an ideal lifestyle off-roading machine. In view of its growing popularity, the new adaptation of the vehicle is of colossal interest. The Mahindra THAR is likewise perhaps of the most modified 4×4 SUV on the lockout. Car lovers continue to modify their vehicles for more style or for more practical regular use.

Modified THAR In Premium Design & Color

Mahindra Thar Interior Modified Red & Black

Modified THAR Interior In Red & Black

Beige & brown mahindra thar interior customized

Modified THAR Interior In Beige & Brown

Mahindra Thar Customized Gearr knob

Customized Gear-Knob

Black Thar Interior Customized Music Console

Customized Console

Mahindra Thar Customized Steering

Customized Steering

Make Your THAR Interior Customized & Comfortable

Irfan Choudhary


Auto Trade Interior Solution has Design Multiple Mahindra THAR videos of its detailed review, Red & Black, comparison & variant explained, test drive experience, features, specs, interior & exterior details, and more. Watch our Latest (Hindi) video of Mahindra THAR to know the price, Review by My Country my Ride safety features & more.

Mahindra THAR is all about luxury, premium lifestyle, and immense capabilities. To further enhance all these parameters without compromising the comfort and the quality levels, Irfan from MY COUNTRY MY RIDE gave us an opportunity to modify his beloved new Mahindra THAR Interior was fairly impressed with the results.

Speaking of the modifications in his THAR, we at AUTO TRADE INTERIOR SOLUTIONS primarily focused on improving the ambience of the cabin and improving the comfort levels. For starters, the seats were worked upon and the final results came out brilliantly well.

The front seats not only offer improved comfort levels now but in addition to this, also get high-quality premium black seat covers with contrast red stitching.

The same black-red theme was used while working on customized door pads, gear lever, and custom steering wheel wrap.
The steering well too is new now and gets a flat-bottom layout with carbon fiber dip. Other notable changes include a re-finished center console, front armrest, a new rear sliding seat bench with center armrest, and a heat-proof headliner.

What we also did install were multi-color premium ambient lights that can be easily controlled using the mobile application. In all, the modifications came out well and compliment his striking red modified Mahindra THAR Interior.


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Make Epic Trips In Comfort!

The new interiors have everything to ensure every trip is comfortable and fun. Sporty front seats with adjustable headrests, reclinable rear seating, roof-mounted speakers, customized seat cooling system, and more!

Retro Cool Meets New Tech

The All-New Thar is loaded with tech that keeps you connected with your THAR, your friends & the outdoors! Touchscreen, Tyretronics & a lot more!

Stock Interior Vs Customized Interior

thar interior modifications

Before Modified

after modified mahindra thar interior

After Modified

Let’s talk about the Beast car leading in the market for the last 2 years which is the one and only Mahindra THAR which reflects its dominance.
As we all when the car comes from the manufacturing house to the showroom and showroom to you then are the variety of interior work is very limited. Sometimes there is no option given for interior work, customization and etc. No doubt the company-fitted interior work is always the good one but how can you compare it with customized and modified interior work?

Let us tell you that customized and modified interior work is always the best option because
in this thing, you can opt for the seat color of your choice, seat fabric, roof color and comfort level of Interior, etc.

In short, you can customize your whole car interior thing according to your choice and preferences. We offer everything you are looking for and your car needs for interior modification. So let us tell you more bit about interior modification or customization.


Steering is the most important part of a car that holds the whole control. So if you will see a normal stock (company fitted) that you will find the steering very good. But after some time you will find it a bit boring so here we are to solve this problem. We modify your steering with a leather wrap which will prevent your hand from sweating, look more stylish, will match your interior theme, never lets you feel bored, and feel comfortable.

The dashboard and console are the most important part of a car that makes the car worthwhile we wrap the console with premium leather and with use hydro dripping. We can give the console a wooden finish and many items to match your theme or to make it glorious.
And there are many other things that come under this like we’ve made a Thar in G-WAGON style which makes this concept more beautiful.

Last but not least Auto Trade suggests that you must try the concept of interior customized modification and we guarantee you that you won’t regret it because it’s a very vast segment that includes everything in your THAR interior.
Imagine your THAR interior with red or any color of your choice including your whole interior with red quality napa leather here Auto Trade is here to accomplish it.

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