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Auto Trade is an ISO-certified car interior modification leading company with 10+ years of experience in serving customer satisfaction and durability.  The Auto Trade team is committed to creating products that ensure the comfort, well-being, convenience, and safety of consumers. 

Our customers can be assured of the highest standard of service and professionalism, ensuring that choosing Auto Trade is as unforgettable an experience as the car interior decoration themselves

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Now let’s talk about how the Auto trade does the interior solution and the reason why we are supreme.

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Customized Steering

modified car interior steering

There are two ways of steering customization as the steering is the most appealing part in a car. 

Steering wrap -Our custom steering wheel covers are a classy addition to your car’s decor, and also provide much comfort to your hands, especially on long road trips. Our wheel covers are made from 100% guaranteed napa leather wrap and many more premium or fancy varieties are used that will fit on your wheel. The material has a soft, gentle feel, mimicking that of faux suede or velour so you can drive gently and peacefully.

And we also have the option of customized steering in which you can customize your Car Interior steering wheel according to your choice and like. We will give your steering wheel a wooden finish or many prints through the method the hydro dipping that will give your car a magnificent look. 

  • It will prevent you from sweaty hands.
  • Our top-class fabric, leather will give you the perfect grip.
  • 100% genuine NAPA  leather. Which will make your drive easy and smooth


Car Flooring refurbishment

Carpet is not just part of the design but also performs the function of minimizing road noise inside the cabin. Our carpets are pressed into extreme shapes that will lie flat across the floor and up the sides of the center console. Our carpet fabrics must be especially durable and easy to clean after coming in contact with shoes and cargo.

  • Our carpets design will definitely go with your car interior and make look more supreme.
  • The fabric quality, there’s a pattern in the fabric, it must be chosen carefully.
  • We have various types of colors and options in flooring which will complement your car.

Customized Seats

Customized Rear Cabin Interior Mahindra Thar

A good seat helps improve safety, makes us better drivers, our seats usually have extra-durable material on the side of the cushions, our craftsmanship and quilting technique of our workers is one of the finest things we have because of the way they customize the seat in diamond structure, pyramid structure and many more is what which makes your seat more luxurious, comfortable and stunning and to look good and better from others.

  • The-art trim technology gives our customers a significant edge. 
  • Our seat covers have a soft and generous touch which will make you feel better.
  • Our perforated seat covers have an unmatched quality that will not make you sweat and makes you feel better.
  • Our products come alive with beautiful designs, rich colors, and cutting-edge surface enhancements. which will suit your car and personality.

App-Controlled Ambient Light

Innova Crysta Customized Interior

Modern lighting for your car interior. An innovative way to add an individual style to your luxury vehicle. Are you in search of new style lighting products? We’ve got you covered!

Proper LED ambient lighting can help passengers and drivers in feeling different about their driving experience.
This ambient light will give you extraordinary rest control and make you feel the pleasure you will enjoy at night drives even longer drives become shorter and more pleasurable. This will help your car to look bold and more luxurious.
Your boring night drives will turn into fun night drives. especially Choose this to install under the dashboard, footwell, beneath the seats, etc.

So that you can feel the dominance of ambient light You can find color-changing interior LED lights that can flash different colors with your music beats or you change it according to your mood.
It’s a great decision to opt for LED lights. They produce good pleasure light and will not strain to your eyes They consume low energy and helps you to save your money

Car Armrest

Innova Crysta Car Interior Decoration

This smashing Armrest will always give the best look in every car. A car without an armrest is not a car. so as we are considering this an important part then we should make it the dominant part so here we AUTO TRADE.

Will customize your armrest with unmatched quality, fabric, styling, and most importantly finishing.
We match your armrest fabric color with your car seats, roof, and dashboard colors so that the after look will be unmatched.
The quality we use, the skills we use, the finishing we give, and the comfort we try to give to you while relying on your arms will always be the best.

  • This part is one of the important, appealing, and comfortable parts of a car. This part is one of the important, appealing, and comfortable parts of a car.
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