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Auto Trade is an ISO-certified car interior modification leading company with 25+ years of experience in serving customer satisfaction and durability.  The Auto Trade team is committed to creating products that ensure the comfort, well-being, convenience, and safety of consumers. Our customers can be assured of the highest standard of service and professionalism, ensuring that choosing Auto Trade is as unforgettable an experience as the car interior decoration themselves

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dashboard steering customize by autotrade interior


In Dashboard customization we give new look to Dashboard, in top side we give leather wrap and in lower area soft touch leather paint, and stiching work it looks very premium. 
customized seat covers


We provide most luxurious and electric seats for all types of cars, and we also deal in fully automatic recliner seats , we are seats manufacturers in India, we design fully comfortable seats.
XUV700 white color


We provide fully comfortable and customized seats cover for car, this seats cover is made from imported leather and Napa leather, it's very premium leather with very easy to clean and long-lasting.
customize steering by auto trade interior


There are many option available for steering customization , like we can only wrap steering with leather or e leather, or we can change whole shape of steering and give it wooden finish. 
car interior modification roof fabrication by Auto Trade Interior


In this segment, we change roof fabric into premium Alcantara Fabric, we make car roofs more exclusive and elegant with our latest design theme 
car flooring by auto trade interior


Our carpet flooring fabrics must be especially durable and easy to clean after coming in contact with shoes and cargo. We provide a variety of flooring kinds, colors, and alternatives that will go well with your car.
foot mats by auto trade interior


We provide premium quality leather and carpet foot mat for cars, it's washable and easy to clean with long lasting materials, we provides customized footmats as per choice.
wooden lamination by auto trade interior


Hydro dipping and Wooden Lamination is New trend in the car interior modification world in today's time everyone wants all panel should look very premium and the same as the car interior color theme. 
ambient light auto trade interior


All Starlights can be changed to any color, as well as twinkle, to bring your vehicle's roof to life. Elevate your vehicle to the highest level of luxury car experiences. We can customize and install the “night sky” into any vehicle.

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