Modified Thar Red & Black

Came as a practical, capable, and premium lifestyle product in the Indian market and attracted many car buyers looking for a well-built, rugged, and 4×4 solid SUV

The Thar is not just in high demand on the marketplace right now; however, on top of this, it is among the most popular lifestyle products available that are available in the Indian auto marketplace.

This 4X4 SUV also attracts many other Car buyers looking forward to modifying their newly attained beauties as per their own tastes, personality, and requirements.

We have seen a number of modified Mahindra Thar SUVs in the past but if you are looking for premium and high-quality interior customization services, we at AUTO TRADE INTERIOR SOLUTION always tries to provide the best interior customization services at affordable prices.

Here is one such modified Mahindra Thar that went through complete interior customization and now boasts an extremely comfortable, good-looking, and premium cabin.

If you are also looking for interior modification services, do not forget to reach out to us on the mentioned contact details.

This heavily modified Mahindra Thar has Done modifications by Autotrade Interior

after modified mahindra thar interior

If you are also looking for interior modification services, do not forget to reach out to Autotrade Interior Solution.

For starters, the new modified cabin of this Red Thar now gets an all-black custom theme with contrasting red inserts to give it a sporty and premium touch.

  • While the dashboard layout remains exactly similar to what you will get straight from the factory, we have worked on finishing and fine details that uplight the ambiance of the cabin.
  • The center console gets a high-quality, long-lasting carbon fiber finish that gels in well with the overall theme and looks better than the bare plastic finish that you get from the factory. In addition to this, the dashboard also gets high-quality leather wrap that feels nice and premium to touch while it also helps in eliminating unwanted reflections from the front windshield.
  • The A-Pillars too get a custom leather wrap and complement the overall theme.
  • The AC vents too have been replaced and now get custom ambient lights, more on this later. While the new dashboard now looks great, what you will definitely appreciate are the fit-finish levels.

Material Quality

We at AUTO TRADE INTERIOR SOLUTIONS only use highly sophisticated machines operated by skilled professionals thus helping us to offer great quality modification services to our clients. Having said this, another major Red & Black Modified Thar interior G-wagon style comes in the form of a new steering wheel.

The new custom unit now gets a flat-bottom look with carbon fiber inserts and more prominent thumb rests.
The custom leather wrap further gives it a finishing touch and the final outcome will definitely remind you of the more expensive German luxury cars in the market.
The same carbon fiber is seen near the gear shifters. Just like the steering wheel, the gear shift knobs to get a premium leather wrap with a perforated finish and contrast red stitches.
The leathers used are of high quality and have been selectively imported from the global markets to give out clients the best experience. Our in-house designers closely work with highly-skilled workers and come up with unique and premium layouts for Thar interiors.

Mahindra Thar Seat Customization

Mahindra Thar Interior Modified Red & Black

The seats of the new Mahindra Thar are better than before and offer a more comfortable experience to the buyers. However, we still have had multiple requests for custom Mahindra Thar seats that offer better comfort and support, thus offering a comfortable experience to the buyers.
After evaluating the seat structure and the individual needs of our clients, the in-house designers come up with custom front seats and custom front seat covers that give a much-improved comfort for the front passengers.

Needless to say, this Modified Thar to get custom seats and seat covers. The seat covers are all-black and get the same red stitching.

The stitching on the seat covers and other leather works are done using an imported double-stitch machine that ensures uniform gaps between the stitches.

The high-quality thread ensures that your seats remain in the same conditions for years to come. These custom seat covers also get perforated leather in the center that helps in ventilation and thus keeps you comfortable on those long journeys.

Having said this, the seats also offer improved lumbar support, better under-thigh support, a new headrest design, and more prominent side bolsters.


Next Level Customization in Thar Interior

Mahindra Thar Hand Rest

Mahindra Thar Door Customization

customized mahindra thar door

The front door pad trims were modified to match with the overall custom theme of the cabin and get a black wrap with diamond red stitching pattern and custom carbon fiber finish.

  • During all these modification works, we ensure that the working of the various electric parts like power window motors, switches, sensors, etc is not disturbed or hindered.

Moving on, the foot mats too are custom and are made in-house in accordance with the new interior theme. These mats not only fit better but also feel premium and are practical enough to be used daily.

Mahindra Thar Armrest

The Thar lacks a center armrest and in this 4X4 SUV, we did install a custom front center armrest that will make long drives much better and more convenient than before.

All these modified elements are made of high-quality fabric and raw material while the same team works on these as well to ensure the best experience for your Car.

Mahindra Thar Interior Rear Cabin Customization

Customized Rear Cabin Interior Mahindra Thar

Move to the rear of the car and you will notice that the rear seat bench is completely new and more comfortable than before. For starters, the new seat bench can be adjusted in multiple ways to help the occupants find a comfortable riding position.

The custom rails help the occupants to slide the seat forward or backward while the backrest too can be reclined as per individual requirements.

It is for the first time that the Mahindra Thar now also gets a center armrest for the passengers in the second row, all thanks to the new seat bench.

While we always ensure that your car looks and feels better than before, we also gave special emphasis on safety levels and this Thar gets a dedicated center adjustable headrest that will prevent the middle passenger from getting injured in case of a rear crash.

Likewise, the rear seat also gets the same custom seat covers and offers an extremely comfortable ride experience to the buyers looking for supreme luxury in their cars. 

The rear seats also get side armrests with a big storage box and a couple of bottle holders and cup holders. Additional charging sockets ensure that you are always connected to the digital world when you are out on those long trips and jungle safaris. The seat belts are now finished in red and complement the black-red theme inside the cabin of this modified Thar.

Cabin Lighting

Coming back, this modified Mahindra Thar cabin now also gets a multi-color premium ambient lighting setup.

  • This includes new illuminated AC vents, door trims, dashboard panels, and more. These ambient lights not only make the cabin feel extremely premium at the night but in addition to this, also help in elevating the in-cabin experience.
  • The color of these high-quality lights can be easily controlled via your smartphones. Complementing the ambient lights are the carbon fiber panels that are new.

Heat Proof Head Liner

Moving on, this modified Thar also gets heat-proof custom leather head-liners with a custom diamond stitch pattern. Not only is it soft to touch, but it also helps in reducing the NVH levels inside the cabin of this Thar.

The fit-finish levels are as good as OEM interiors and you will definitely appreciate the luxury of this cabin. The same foot mats are seen inside the boot and fit well in the corners.

Why Autotrade

While this SUV gets an all-black theme inside the cabin, we at AUTO TRADE INTERIOR SOLUTIONS also provide a long list of options available for the owners who want their beasts to be unique and different.

A wide range and variety of fabric are available with us while a number of other options including leather soft-fill coating for the plastic panels too are offered.

The time required for these Thar modifications varies depending upon the nature of the modifications and the costs vary depending on the type of modifications you will opt for. In addition to this, most of our interior modification services are specially curated to cater to the individual needs of the clients.

Be it the seat covers or the steering wheel units, all the parts and the components are carefully worked upon to give the best experience to the buyers.

Similar modification services are available for all cars, irrespective of their segment or price. Utmost priority is given to quality control and we do ensure that the modifications not only uplift the premium feel of the cabin but also make it comfortable and luxurious.

Having said this, if you are also in the market to get your cars, SUVs, and luxury vehicles modified, you can reach out to us on our official social accounts or can check our contact details.


Well, there is something else also which is in more demand and unique which perfectly goes or suits our beast THAR interior ‘beige and brown color’ this is something we called supreme.
the color combination of beige and brown is very dominant.
every time you will sit in the car it will make you feel like new as of the color and the utmost thing is the quality of the product which will make you feel very comfortable and execute the tiredness.

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